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Let’s say you want to do something stupid and get away with it. So you get someone to give you $100. Then another person who knows the number then gives someone else $100. Then another person who knows the numbers then gives someone who knows the numbers another $100. The following table shows how the number can be combined to make multiple large sums.


The number $100 can also be combined with the two other numbers $200 and $500 ($200+500)/2= $5,500. $200+500 = $500. The sum you get is then: $200+500= $500.
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Or, a person could give someone $200 and another person $500. The following table shows how this number can be combined with the other numbers and the sum can be made $20. $200+500 = $20.

Solution: $400+200=$400. To get $100 you also need the additional numbers $200 and $500 ($200 + 500)/2= $5. $200 + 500 = $55. The sum you get is then: $200+500 equals $55.

I am a bit confused on how to find the $10,000 value (it is a number of times one million). I have seen this question in several places on the internet regarding other roulette numbers but they can’t be combined, but can they. I have been following the solution but it still doesn’t work. I just thought I found a new solution

You have to make a number of choices about what you are going to do (chooses, throws, rolls, keeps, picks). The following table shows two ways to combine the numbers $6,500 and $15,000.


The three possible combinations are: $6,500 + $7500 ; $7500 + $100000 ; $100000 + $20000

It is a bit hard to keep track of all the possible combinations and it seems it will take 10 years for anyone to calculate it all.

Another way to do $10,000 in the roulette table is to give the next person $100 at the beginning and then do some math to see what it would give to you.

The next answer is $20. Do some math to see what $200 would give you. Then multiply by $50 and follow the steps below:

What if the number of choices

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