How do you do roulette?

How much do you know about your dice or other card games?

So I learned all this stuff. My goal wasn’t to learn more but to put all those lessons in the words of a little girl who just wanted to play with the latest toy.

I wanted to be more than the “good, quiet, obedient daughter” that my parents expected of me. I didn’t want to be just the child who played with her favorite toy every day. I wanted to be the girl who was a bit more than that – a little bit rebellious and proud of her independence. I wanted to be a girl who enjoyed playing with her “toy” and who loved having it in her hands.

The other girl in my class was also learning about her surroundings from this book. She loved learning about life and was really good at being “out there” with her friends – even if they were the older generation’s “cool older students”.

All these skills – especially these aspects that were very relevant to me were transferred to me through the use of game playing with an imaginary creature that I could create in my head.

I began experimenting and developing different cards and dice using these new ideas. I would make up images of the new cards, and I would then try to make them into playable games.

This took a while, and by the time I was ready to publish this project, I wasn’t at all sure where to start – especially how to start a new collection. All the older games were so new and fresh in my mind that they could not be easily combined.

What I decided to do was to create a game that would be both old and new. The card that I needed to make into a game could not be older than the cards I already gave it. The card that I had to write into a game could not be new.

So I used the older cards and made new ones with the new images or the new ideas that I thought of.

The idea was to start with little girls making their “games” and then try to get them to publish them.

This project went as well as I could have hoped. I am sure that there are several other young minds out there who are looking to learn more about games and games thinking.

I am certain that I will have to keep this project up and running for a while more: I have already sold over 1000 copies. This project will continue to grow and will include a free update every 30 days