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Here’s how I did it:

First, pick your number. This is my preferred number by the way. The better the number, the better chance you have of picking a winning number.

Second, use the following rules:

The first move is to choose your number at random and to fill in any boxes or spaces you don’t want to fill

If you get the second or third move right, a jackpot will appear

If you get both first and second moves correct, an additional jackpot is added to your pot.

This can be repeated for each possible number you pick. When the jackpot is larger the next number you pick will increase your number to a maximum of 12.

I never had a single single game where I did not get both the first and second moves right. Even my second game, my last one, I ended the game in six (yes, six) chances. And it cost me only half a penny.

I also had a number of games I wanted to repeat (my first game, my second game, my third game, my fourth game, my fifth and sixth Game of the Week). I made each game so that it was like a “real” game with the winning jackpot.

This way, even if you don’t get the chance to get a winning numbers, if you are lucky enough to get both the first and second moves correct, then you have a 100% chance to go in.

For example, say I pick my number at random and get the first move right. Then, I make a third. The third turns out to be the winning number. The next time I pick, I can pick a fourth. By the fifth and sixth moves, I get my sixth. My seventh gets me into the lottery.
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How much could I gain?

You can bet it’s as low as $0.01. But don’t bet anything more.

What is the risk?

The chance of winning is only 1/6. If every player got a 1/6 chance, the lottery could not possibly fill up.

But if only one player has a 1/6 chance of winning the jackpot, then it should be very important to everyone to have the lowest amount of money possible to bet for their chance at winning.

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