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Craps have three basic elements: dice, money and cards.

What do you get when you play?

Winners must roll their dice. They also get the chance to grab their money to buy another roll, and play cards to their heart’s content. If they don’t, they get the bad news that another player has moved in. Sometimes a player gets a lot of money while losing only a few coins.

Which rules are there?
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In the traditional variant, craps is divided into two main games: roulette and blackjack. For a roulette round, five players play and roll their dice each. These players make it on to the table where it’s the dealer’s job to determine the order in which they would like to deal each player their cards.

In the blackjack game, nine players take part and the dealer decides the order of cards that will be dealt. For each deal, they are dealt one card and another card from their hand.

This round of Craps is played with four pairs of cards: Aces and Clubs and a Pair of the player’s choosing. In the round and each deal, both players add one card to their hands and the dealer adds a new player’s card to their hand in the form of a D-Card.

How do you play Craps?

You place your first pair of cards in the centre of your table (two cards each side of the table) and then start rolling dice according to the card description in the card sleeve. Each player then starts off with a roll of four dice, as per the following table.

Roll Value Type of Roll Value 1 1 1 Aces, 2 2 2 Clubs 2 D 1 2 D’s, 3 3 4 Clubs 4 2 5 D’s, 5 6 2 Queens, 6 7 1 Queen

Rolled dice then must total the value listed above in the same order as they were rolled and add them to the total with the corresponding number. This totals to the number of different cards dealt and then the card value is then read off.

When the total value of each dealer’s cards has been written down and it has been verified that no duplicates were encountered, the players should then proceed to the next turn. If that happens, the next player is dealt their second card, which is the other player’s card, followed by the turn’s end. This round of Craps should continue to play in the same order.

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