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The University of Connecticut has been criticized for hiring a professor who allegedly bragged about sexual assault in a private message sent from the campus-wide chat room, The Daily Campus reports.

Jennifer Dushkevich, whose class was on the “Frequently Asked Questions,” wrote in a November 2014 message provided to The Daily Campus that she “might be able to help someone [in] a very personal way.” She was apparently referring to a male student, who was also an undergraduate student at the university, according to a university statement.

After receiving the notification that students had sent her their sexual-assault experience stories, Dushkevich allegedly responded, “Thank you for contacting me. I don’t know what else can be done for you. I will try to help you.”

Dushkevich responded on Twitter later that day by writing in the #NotAMail hashtag: “I don’t want to hear about rape culture!”

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I don’t want to hear about rape culture. #NotAMail — Jennifer Dushkevich (@JenniferDushkevich) October 23, 2014

Dushkevich and the university’s associate vice president for student affairs, Michael Smith, denied Dushkevich’s claim, denying that she posted that message to the university’s chat room or that it was “sent on behalf of students.”

“We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment and assault on campus,” Smith said in a statement provided to The Daily Campus. “Our commitment to equal dignity, mutual respect, and equal opportunity extends to every member of our community, regardless of where they sit on the spectrum of gender.”

But Dushkevich’s claim has attracted attention at a time when she has not been the victim of sexual assault in her life.

She went through a brief divorce when she was 24 and got married shortly before graduation with two sons. A student, she said, told her that “he had made a big mistake by not calling me,” Dushkevich told The Daily Campus, and she “didn’t want to be a victim.”

She told The Daily Campus that she did not know about the exchange until the day after the alleged conversation was published in Newsweek, which was written by reporter Michael Hastings.

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The University of Pennsylvania has decided to cut about 20 positions that do not meet federal guidelines for Title X non-profit grants.

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