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The casino must have the highest minimum win per table.

A player may be disqualified by casino rules if his win total exceeds these guidelines:

A player’s total is greater than the minimum and more than $5. A player may withdraw a maximum of $3 in any one day.

What does a person need to keep track of?

The person has to keep record of all prizes.

Any cash prize received cannot be distributed to guests unless they have an approved receipt.

If there are multiple games played at one time, a record of the prizes is kept.

What if I have a problem?

The casino is available to assist a client after a problem has occurred.

Tournament Rules

Players in the event of a disqualification may be required to re-up before the next day begins. In this matter, the tournament director may require that the following be listed on the player’s win receipt. The tournament director may order that any one or more of the following be listed in the player’s win receipt;

Win number of the previous event.

Players may be disqualified for multiple acts of unsportsmanship such as but not limited to

Violating the Official Tournament Rules;

Violating the Tournament Director’s instructions;

Suspension without pay.

The following rule is for the safety of tournament participants.

Any person in the tournament who becomes incapacitated before the start of the event will not be allowed to play more than half of the tournament rounds due to the hazard of injury.


The tourney clerk must be allowed to enter and leave the casino.

The tourney clerk must maintain her or his position outside casino reception after the player has been awarded the prize.

Players should not leave the casino, talk to other players, or approach tourney clerks outside the casino hall until she or he has been issued with the player’s prize and a receipt.

The tourney clerk should have her or his work permit in hand and should be accompanied to and from the Casino by a dealer for all game play.

The tourney clerk shall conduct all game play for no less than five cards or twenty consecutive hands.

Players may not accept cards or money that do not bear valid serial numbers at the tourney unless indicated on the player’s receipt.

No person in the Casino will play without a permit.

Clerks at the casino

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