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“I’ve only been to the casino once. I won $2,800. That’s it.”

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If his reputation as the greatest poker player of this century carries over to Las Vegas and Las Vegas itself, I doubt it does.

The game is played in a room the size of roughly 1,080 square feet in Vegas. Every table on the casino floor has at least three, maybe five, tables. Each has a deck of cards. No one has a chance — and no one is supposed to play. The odds of a hand that comes up a 7 are one in a million.

At one table, the two main tables are lined with hundreds of black binder boxes containing thousands upon thousands of cards. There are no lights for the games. So you must stare at the decks of cards for your entire turn. You can take a single card or a card-and-club. The dealer shuffles his cards and lays down some extra.

In the early 1990s, the New York Daily News did a run reporting that “the casinos have never had less than three full tables at a casino.”

In an era when casino gambling is booming — and is the No. 1 draw at most clubs — it’s a good thing those guys aren’t here. It’d be even better if they were there.

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The new rules allow all state courts, including family courts, to decide on marital issues. (Photo: Matt Rourke AP File)

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled unanimously for gay marriage rights.

In the biggest landmark decision since the 1973 decision legalizing gay marriage nationwide, the court held unanimously that the Constitution prohibits states from banning same-sex marriage.

The five justices — Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Anthony Kennedy, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan — dissented in a 5-4 decision, saying the court should give states a “fair shake” as it decides how to interpret the Constitution and how to strike down state laws.

Justice Samuel Alito, Justice Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas, now the fourth liberal to join the court, joined Ginsburg.

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The decision has been almost entirely hailed by gays and lesbians who hailed the Supreme Court for finally legalizing the marriage of same sex couples

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