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You might say that odds aren’t really an accurate way of describing the odds of surviving a Russian roulette. For starters, Russian roulette can kill you. If you fall while shooting, you might not live. The most notable case of the latter occurred in Russia during the Great Depression, when a gun dealer had a customer who dropped dead after a roulette shot. The dealer never made his money back. While these stories are interesting to tell, they do not do the topic justice. One of the major factors that determine the success or failure of a gun-fight is the caliber of the bullet that is being fired. If the bullet is a .22 long rifle, it is possible to survive a Russian roulette without sustaining any life-threatening injuries. However, on a larger scale, it is entirely possible to be shot dead with a .38 Special handgun, even if you are the first one to be knocked down. In fact, a man who survived a Russian roulette had to be dragged to a nearby hospital in order to be resuscitated, and at one point, one of his fellow survivors got him up on a stretcher and carried him home. So even on a case-by-case basis, it should be understood that if you go down in a gunfight, you can die.

If the bullet is a .22 long rifle, it is not guaranteed to injure. The gun’s bullet can travel faster than the human eye can follow, therefore causing the hit target to change directions. The bullet that kills a person from within is generally of much greater size to the bullet that causes a person to die from the exterior. It is generally more difficult to “bump or bump” off a bullet that is traveling faster than your head can follow, rather than through your body. In addition, you can’t depend on an air burst to protect you from dying from exposure.

And the odds of surviving a Russian Roulette shot?

As with all odds, the odds are against you. The best way to protect yourself is to go out into a dark or poorly lit area where the odds of an immediate response are slim: in the dark, the chances of being harmed are quite high. If someone is shooting at you with any sort of firearm, it will be best to wait for someone to shoot at you first. This would be especially true if they feel threatened or angry.
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Some tips on how to survive Russian roulette:

Always have ready a “safe distance” of at

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