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I had a friend, whom you should probably know, who was playing Russian Roulette recently. He’s a pretty good roulette player: he was pretty good in elementary school, too. A couple of the times he lost in the first round, he said to me, “Well — what are the odds of surviving Russian roulette?”

I said to him, “Well of course, the odds of a single coin flip being a heads-up (tails-down) or tails-up (heads-down) are equal and opposite. Now, you’re pretty good at maths, aren’t you?”

So it would seem that he could have been playing Russian roulette in a very real sense. But he was playing Russian roulette in the sense that Russian roulette is a simulation of roulette, not a game in a physical sense.

Sensors are a central part of your robot’s design. At a typical factory, a set of sensor arms can track the position and movement of hundreds of small machines. And when your robot’s movements get noisy or unpredictable, you can manually fix it with a robot arm-mounted power solution such as a servotaker. But that’s much harder and less consistent than a robot arm-mounted power solution with a human-operated servo. In this video, we’ll explore how to build a simple servo system capable of handling high-powered servos, from a simple servo motor, to a full-fledged high-power servo controller.

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The first thing you’ll need is a servo arm-mounted power solution such as a servotaker. These are designed to hold the servo shafts in place and to handle the power required to operate servos.

However, servo arms are hard to find: The parts typically don’t make it over the U.S. border, and there aren’t many people actively interested in building servo-related products as hobbyists.

A servo motor is very simple by its nature: The shaft is stationary, and when powered by a motor, the arm is driven back and forth across the shaft. A servo-only device simply doesn’t do that because it needs to have power to operate the servo shafts.

There are several servo motors on the market at the moment: but none of

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