What are the odds of surviving Russian roulette? – Secret To Winning Roulette

I’m not sure, I’m just guessing. I know I’ll live. My grandfather, he was just a little more lucky than I am. I wouldn’t want to bet the house on it, though. The odds of surviving Russian roulette – even for a man as rich as he was – is zero.

What is your favourite food in Russia?

My favourite food in Russia? Not much. As much as I would like to see a Russian family cook, I don’t enjoy cooking myself. The only food that can beat Russian Roulette is a cold beer. I will buy a cold beer if I can only find a way to cook Russian Roulette on that, but no, I don’t enjoy it with my own cooking.

There are so many things about Russian Roulette that are wrong. You can’t use a pencil for anything because it can give you the same number as the number on the wheel. You can’t use the correct number of holes for Russian Roulette, though it can be a very good idea. But there’s not much in it – and you can’t win any money. You have to lose nothing.

But you can’t get into a bar to gamble alone. You cannot buy a drink for three dollars, and you’re not allowed to leave the premises if you want to. As much as I’m a gambler and I love to gamble, I always prefer to gamble alone. Russian Roulette is a much better way than gambling alone.

Do you ever bet on Russian roulette?

I never bet on roulette – and I don’t even bet on roulette – except for Russian Roulette. There’s one in a strip centre just near my house, but I never bet there because I don’t want to lose money.

I bet in Russia on Chinese roulette before – but since we have to pay for the bets ourselves, I never bet on roulette in Russia. It’s too expensive to buy bets and you can’t bet any more – so it never got into my repertoire.

You have a daughter with Russian mother, isn’t this a good thing?

I think so. The good thing is that I have a beautiful daughter, and I’m not only a mother to her but also somebody who loves her.

The bad thing is that my daughter is always very sick with measles. And I’m not sure how long she can stay in Russia. I’m not going to take her there

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