What are the odds of surviving Russian roulette?

Well, it depends on the roulette. If the gun is pointed at the face, the odds are 100 percent. If the gun is pointed at the body, the odds go from zero to 10,000,000. The best odds are against the gun (at least on most guns), which are called “dead” roussons. But, there’s another type of Russian roulette with a twist.

“A random wheel gets thrown through 100,000 different combinations of numbers all in a row, with each number taking only one shot to be correct,” said James MacLean, a former member of the Canadian Intelligence Service who spent the entire 1980s in the KGB. “In such a system, there is the single most secure way to make a decision: A shot from a machine gun at a target, to hit its face.”

“There’s not a lot of people who can tell you the odds or ways to make money in that system,” he added.

Most of us get into the gambling business because we hate ourselves or want to feel good about ourselves. And this is perfectly fine. But if you believe in the power of gambling to heal, empower, build relationships, and enhance our community, it’s time to stop playing the game for the win.

And that means ending the lottery and going back to old-fashioned, life-saving ways.

The Russian roulette is a powerful antidote to the modern American gambling culture. It offers hope that we won’t be caught in a downward spiral of addiction. But for the people who really need to avoid that spiral to the same level that we’ve fallen, it offers an even bigger solution than a lottery.

We need to stop gambling on games we don’t understand, games we don’t play or understand in the first place, games that are increasingly dependent on human whim, and games where the stakes are so high that the odds may be entirely in our favor. The American dream, it turns out, may actually be the Russian roulette that could save us.

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