What color comes up more in roulette? – How To Win Roulette Every Spin

Answer: green green green

Roughly speaking: I mean, it’s either black, red or green green.

I don’t think you can tell the difference when you’re in a game of craps.

Answer: They all come up black.

How is a bobsled different from a roller coaster?

Answer: I think we’ve already spent enough time talking about that.

Which is more important in a relationship: money or affection?

Answer: money.

I always felt like the way to deal with a bad job, was to leave.

Answer: leave.

I’m a big fan of the New York Post. What is it about it I get so excited about?

Answer: the New York Post is the last bastion of journalism left.

Which is more important?

Answer: money

Which is more dangerous for a person to live by?

Answer: money

So now we know which is safer. The most dangerous of all? Money. If you’re an intelligent person, you should probably choose money for your worst fears.

Answer: money.

Why is it a good idea to sleep in a hot tub?

Answer: it’s an absolute necessity.

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What can you do when your spouse cheats on you?


Don’t do it! You’re not allowed to divorce your spouse in the first five hours. It turns out that most men can’t handle being abandoned by women. Also, it can be dangerous to break up with your spouse if you just want time alone to work things out. Also, men are more likely to break up with their wives and then do things to keep them from coming back.

What if you didn’t know how to read?

Answer: If I did know how to read, I wouldn’t do things like lie to cover up a theft.

What do you consider the greatest insult in the world?

Answer: not knowing how to read.

What is the most difficult thing in life to do for your spouse?


Don’t cheat, if you have to cheat at all.

What is the worst thing about your spouse?

Answer: you can’t read, so it’s easy enough to see when your spouse is breaking promises. Also, if you have money with your spouse, it can be easy enough

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