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“00” is a special slot that is not used for a single character in roulette. It is an “interim” slot from which you will move onto the next slot if an ace is rolled in the next slot. It’s often used to make special bets to increase the expected payoff for playing roulette. If you don’t use it, it will automatically move to the next slot when the dealer is finished playing.

However, you do have to pay special attention to the game’s rules. For example, the dealer might place a second bet on a bet that will take it to either “01 or 00” and “10 or 02”. That means the value of the second bet is 2,000,000 roulette points. That second bet will take the entire bet money in one turn, while 00 makes it to the next slot on the clock and leaves the initial 2,000,000 with 1 roulette piece. This means the dealer can make a bet on “01 or 00 only” as much as 1,000,000 points. But if the dealer needs more money, he can bet as much as he would otherwise, since the first bet takes the entire amount in one turn and the second takes the remainder of the money once the previous one has finished. The result of all this is that it pays to get the best odds possible on your bet.

If the value of the initial bet is 1,000,000,000, it means the dealer will take the entire amount, but if you pay 100,000,000 Roulette points for that bet it will increase the expected payoff from the game to 100,000,000 Roulette points. You won’t get as much money if you pay 3,000,000.

The other way to use 00 is as the first spot in the roulette wheel after the dealer finishes playing. When you first start, the dealer is doing this.

If the number on the wheel matches with the bet, you have to take the next number in the wheel on the right. If the number on the wheel starts with a 10, your bet is 5-10,000,000 roulette points, for 2,000,000. If it is the number “01” on the wheel, with a “1” on the last bit, you will get the rest of it in one turn.

Now you may use this special slot on other spots. The next spot on the roulette wheel, if its value is

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