What does Russian Roulette mean? – Best Numbers To Bet In Roulette

Russian Roulette is a form of Russian Roulette where the object is to get your opponent to shoot a gun. In the process, the player can kill the other players or inflict them with a fatal wound which will force them to run in the opposite direction!

Russian Roulette was originally created by the Russian team at Red Bull.

Russian Roulette – The Game

The goal is to play Russian Roulette and kill your opponent(s). The player has a single life, which can be used only once. Each time the opponent takes an action the game starts over, with the same number of rounds of action required. An additional action is used only once per round.

After you have killed your opponent in one round, the player with the highest life percentage wins. It is important to note that the game is won if all players have been eliminated by the first shot. If this occurs there will be “staggered rounds” where the players will each start with the same number of rounds.

The rules are very simple – just shoot the other players or inflict them with a fatal wound. The object is to get you enemy to shoot his gun and get yourself killed. Each round is decided by whether you shoot in an unguarded area, or whether you shoot in a place where nobody is in your sights.

The Russians are always wearing a vest and helmet and can also use a gas mask when needed.

Game Details:

Game Length:

60 mins

The game can last anywhere from an hour to several days depending on how many bullets are fired. If the game lasts longer then 6 rounds of action, players are not allowed to reload and all games will be continued.

Game Types:

Single player or Multiplayer

Poker Dice or Jokers

Single Player Mode with 4 players or Multiplayer with 8 players

Time Limits:

2, 5, 7 and 9 rounds


6 Card Draw

2 Card Pickup + 4 Card Deal

The Russian Roulette Dice

Game Overview

The basic Russian Roulette game has four players. All other game modes and additional features are optional and players may use them for gameplay purposes. (Example: Players can also play it as a team game, where no one plays alone).

Two cards are dealt to all players during the setup, which determine the first player on the playing piece. The game continues until one player has been

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