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Russian roulette (radde-oo) is a British word, derived from the phrase ‘to throw a coin into a barrel whereupon it will explode’. The term is commonly used in the United Kingdom or United States, where roulette is known as ‘snake oil’, but in Russia the term refers to a method with the addition of ‘an additional element’ which may lead a ‘possible outcome’.

Russian Roulette has its origins in a game of Russian roulette called ‘Rudy’, a variant of the Dutch game ‘Boonen’, in which bets are placed with a roulette wheel with the number of throws equal to the sum of the amounts bet. A ‘possible outcome’ was simply a result which may occur in the case of a ‘possible outcome’ of 1/6 of all possible outcomes. For example, if the sum of all bets was $1000, the odds of having the next ‘possible outcome’ is:

1/6 – $1000

1/5 – $600

1/4 – $400

1/3 – $20

The other outcomes were:

1/3 – $400

1/2 – $20

1/1 – None.

The Russian Roulette game originated in the late 18th century, and then slowly migrated to the USA, Canada, and many other countries, where it was popularized as a form of recreational gambling.

Russian Roulette was first performed from the early 19th century through the mid-1920s, and was a form of amusement gambling. It was a form of roulette with the wheel set so that the outcome is dependent on the number of balls that come up, and, since there are only six balls, a possible outcome is almost one in which every other ball will make no difference.

What happens when I try this and my roulette wheel stops?

If the wheel stops for any reason, then the coin may not fly anymore: when a coin does not land as intended due to a malfunction on the board, it means that the wheel has stopped, and this is the first indication that something is wrong with the machine.

To find out whether the wheel got stuck or stopped while you bet to another number, just look at the roulette wheel and compare the number of the wager that would make the wheel stop to the number that you bet before the wheel stopped. If the wheel got caught

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