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An individual will be given 2 1 1’s upon signing up. 1.9 is a new feature introduced with T-Mobile and will take effect in the first 90 days after its activation. It is expected that all devices will be upgraded and unlocked on the same day as the activation and will be unlocked within 90 days. 1.9 is available for new T-Mobile customers on new contracts or new customers joining a existing contract. For all customers, 1.9 will be available for all devices from any carrier that is in the Sprint network. This includes new phones as well as smartphones and tablets. This upgrade to Sprint’s network is available to customers for any eligible device on the current plan (for more information on how to get the upgrades please review this article or call 1-800-Sprint.

What is unlocking? Unlocking is when a T-Mobile customer buys another T-Mobile device from T-Mobile as a trade-in on a device that is already on the T-Mobile network. Unlocking is available to qualifying customers on a new contract that has not had a device activated or unactivated and still on T-Mobile. Customers cannot unlock a device that is on the current contract. Existing customers must purchase a trade-in device to unlock the device. Customers cannot unlock a Sprint device that is on the current contract. Sprint and T-Mobile customers who have not started the upgrade process can trade in eligible devices that have been previously activated and locked for cash at t-mobiles.com/trade-in.

If I get on a T-Mobile Simple Choice plan and decide it is time to upgrade my device, can I get the upgrade done by October 24? Only if the phone on sale that will replace the device is compatible with T-Mobile’s new plans. If a non-Qualifying device is not included on this sale offer, the customer will not be able to exchange an eligible device of the sale.

What is the activation timeframe for T-Mobile Simple Choice? You can get the upgrade done between 12/15/17 through 1/30/18 for all Sprint customers. Sprint will charge on your next bill, or within 30 days should you be on a new T-Mobile plan. The upgrade will also be on your next phone bill.
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How do I keep my new device? You can switch to another Sprint device at any time with 1.9 upgrade. Simply walk into a T-Mobile store, go to “Switch to another plan” and you’ll

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