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Double Ball Roulette is a modern twist on the ball-skipping puzzle game of old, where you move the balls so that the top most ball lands on the hole to the right or left of a point of the board (for double and triple ball puzzles). Each ball in the solution starts with a certain color at its center. If two of the ball are placed in same row of the solution, the ball to the left of the starting point of the board falls off the point, and so on… It is a challenging yet easy game. There is a variety of different rules, but the simplest and most common rule is that the goal is to get all the balls to one side of the board, not to move a single ball or hit any of the colored balls on the board.

How long does using Double Ball Roulette last?

Double Ball Roulette lasts about 40 minutes to an hour if you start on time. However, it is much quicker and less frustrating if you make mistakes! Double Ball Roulette is best played while drinking a glass of fine beer.

How do I start using Double Ball Roulette?

Double Ball Roulette requires no previous knowledge or skill to play. We recommend that players who want to learn to play this game get their first chance before playing a group of friends or the entire class. The best way to start Double Ball Roulette is to choose your game, click play, wait for the first turn (there will still be an extra turn at the end of games) and then pick a new game before starting on next game. For example, if you are going to play with friends but a class is taking place at the same time, you can pick another game at that time. The games should be fairly short.

How do I know which game is right for me?

For best results, try playing with your friends first until you find the game that is most fun for everyone to play. If you are playing with friends, pick a game at the beginning and then add another game during each additional turn. If you are playing with a class and need to find the class to play against, keep checking the time on their website. You may notice that most of their games have a shorter time to play than yours, but you can still enjoy a fun and challenging game at our friendly hours. We will also be playing games for students that are assigned based on their class sizes and/or number of games.

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