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This video shows the longest ever streak of consecutive games using Roulette.

How does one create a new roulette player in the game?

You can create a roulette player using a special character in the settings menu.

How can one change the dice distribution and the number of dice for a roulette game?

Roulette allows you to change the distribution and the number of dice when playing. When you are on a game with fewer dice, the game is longer.

How can one add a new roulette character to a game?

You can add a new roulette character to a game by typing /add character in the game settings screen. This will add a roulette character to the game and will remove the character that was in front of the previous one.

In order to add new roulette players, you cannot change the dice distribution because all the dice were already in the game.

How can one reset a roulette game after the first game?

To restore a roulette game, you need to restart the game.

I have a custom character of the characters I played a roulette with, how do I change it?

If you have custom character data, you need to restart the game before you can change it.

Can I use a mod from a other website with my server?

It is not recommended to use a mod from a other website with your server. If that was the case, please contact us from a link.

I am not able to install custom games from the Steam client. How can I configure Steam to install them?

You can edit user-config or console-config file manually to change your custom server. If you are playing in an organized tournament, there is another option available: Play-On-Demand.

What is the difference between multiplayer and local multiplayer? Does my server not need a special port number?

Local multiplayer servers do not need a special port number. So you can play with your friends whether they are on your server or not.

You can open your port from a command line, the same way you open your browser, but be aware that this can cause problems if your server connection is not good or the port is not correct. To fix this, please contact us from a link.

Can I host my own server?

The only way to host a server is by connecting to the one you are connected to.

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