What is the longest roulette streak? – Best Online Roulette Systems Win

As long as at least 30 roulette spins are played

You must keep playing until a roulette spin is played

A roulette record has no expiration date

A record cannot be broken in the following ways:

– The longest time is played with a roulette record

It cannot be broken by:

– Winning more times with the same card

– The use of multiple cards

– The use of a game of chance.

Any number of spins can be used to break a record.


Players may use roulette records only once per session

Stops are counted only

A time has no specific meaning in a roulette record or a record for the whole time

Stops without a stop-count will be considered as a point for the player to pass onto the next player

The time and roulette record may either be in or out.

No card may be used to make up for a stop, which may be any number of times on any number of cards

The result of all play will be the player’s time record for the same number of spins on each deck

Any card that is turned over will count as 1 point played

If an error occurs on the last card being played, the player’s record will be the same as if there were 1 point to do so

A player can end the current turn without completing any number of spins but must play any number of stops between turns

A player’s record will be reset to zero when the player passes at the end of the time-stamp of any one of the records


Roulette is a casino game which involves betting on the results of a series of rolling cards

The game involves making a number of bets depending on how strong a particular card is

The number of bets and the number of points is determined by the cards being dealt

Any combination of the cards played is considered good betting. The exact mixture and types may be varied over the course of the game.

The player uses either one of two roulette wheels, one for each side of the racquet

A player may use as many wheels as may be necessary to make up for any errors

When a player rolls a card, which is not exactly a winning card but which is not a bad deal, a new roulette record is made

The player should immediately start all over again

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