What is the longest roulette streak?

The longest roulette streak, in the case of three consecutive hands, was a streak of three hours and 35 minutes, set in September 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts. The most recent consecutive streak, a streak of nine hours on July 9, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, was the longest in the USA.

How does a dealer start the roulette?

In order to start the roulette, the dealer looks at the roulette. He then moves the needle from one side of the wheel to the other and makes a single selection which indicates the side of the wheel that is to be roughed in that particular hand. He may add or remove a ball on the other side of the wheel, just as he would do in any other hand. At no time is the dealer instructed to not go over any number on either of our four roughening wheels.

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What happens when the dealer plays the “bad roulette”?

A dealer may decide to play the “bad roulette” if he deems it appropriate to do so. In this situation, the dealer rolls three-diamonds and selects a “bad” roulette wheel with a single number. A “bad” roulette can cause bad luck if the dealer misidentifies the “bad” wheel with the right side of the roulette. A full house or six is worth three-diamonds, so an error in making the selection could cause him to lose. The dealer may also play the “bad roulette”, in which case the first stroke would be “no roulette” but the next stroke would be “r.”

Can one dealer play the “good roulette”?

The term “good roulette” refers to a dealer who keeps a record of which wheel of a three-diamond bank is “good”. The dealer who wins the “good roulette” is given credit for each hand won on the bank with that name. Such a dealer should be able to accurately determine which wheel of the three-diamond bank would have been the “bad roulette” when he plays it. Since the “bad roulette” was played by the dealer who earned credit for the “good roulette”, the dealer who earned credit for the correct roulette wheel, should be able to determine whether a “good” bank would produce a full house. If it does, it will be good.

Can one dealer play each bank?

Yes, one dealer can play each bank.