What is the payout for roulette? – Online Roulette Tricks

The answer is two times the value of the ticket – ie. $100,000 x 2 = $2,000,000 for an amount of three games with the same hand-made roulette wheel.

What are each game’s prizes?

There are three types of prizes: “A” series, “B” series and “C” series. The game is played with a three-colour roulette wheel, and the starting value is $1.

Which game is the most fun?

The most pleasant and amusing game is “X” series. The games begin with a roulette wheel, and a $20,000 starting value. This game is like a casino, except that you can gamble. If you don’t win, you can play again tomorrow. It’s a very easy game to get into and the prizes are generous.

Which games are your favourites?

My favorites are “A” series, “B” series and “C” series. Each of these games is quite a challenge.

Do you gamble? Why or why not?

I don’t gamble.

What do you look for in a casino?

I don’t care what the casino looks like, but they have to have a fair game. For example, on the roulette wheel there’s a $20,000 starting value, and the wheel spins twice. If the wheel gets flipped in a different way with no prizes, then the game is over.

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