What is the richest casino in the world? – Online Casino Live Roulette Australia

A casino that is so much better than the ones I know.

A casino is the place where people go to gamble.

A casino that is the best there is…

I’m a gambler, not a gamer. I don’t like all the gambling I have to do to make my money,

because there’s nothing in it for me.

There’s no thrill of being able to win big,

not like there’s a thrill to making the big score.

A casino is a place where you can do that.

And that’s the only thing they offer,

the opportunity to play a game.

(Hearing all the guys in the hall laughing)

Are you sure you don’t like gaming?

(Everyone laughing, then slowly turning to face me)

That’s it! I don’t know how many times of gaming I’ve been here,

and I can still tell you have the feeling you know that gaming is bad for you.

(Hearing this, the other guys in my casino all look up into the sky.

(I do the same, and suddenly get a huge headache.)

That really was it!

What is this feeling?

Did I actually just feel something like a headache?

Are all these guys really in this state or just joking about it?

(Kuhahahaha, everybody laughs again.)

I looked up at the sky while laughing. (This is hilarious.)

“I… I can’t tell.”

I said while still grinning.

I’m telling myself,

“…I’m telling you, I can’t tell, I don’t know who you are.”

And then I went back to the floor again to change.

But what is this feeling?

I don’t know.

This is more like a headache.

I feel like I’ve been playing a game for a long time.

(Why does I have such a horrible stomach?

And why am I unable to take a shower?)

I’m afraid these symptoms are some form of depression.

“Oh, my head.”

Even if you say you can’t tell who I am, why can’t you tell me the truth?

I’ll tell you when I’m not laughing so much.

This isn’t a good sign.


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