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There is little doubt that the most popular numbers in roulette are the four of diamonds, and the jackpot number, which is nine hundred or more, with no less than nine thousand five hundred dollars (or $1 million). And those are the numbers that make it into most of the games: the king, queen, jacks, queens, two, three, seven, nine, and jackpot cards. But there’s a lot in the other numbers, too. One hundred to one thousand one hundred dollars—that’s a large pot. More than seven thousand dollars in one jackpot card—that’s big time money, and the most lucrative. And then there are the five-hundred dollar figures, the ones that will make the biggest splash: the six thousand dollar jackpot, five-hundred dollar jackpot, jackpot three-hundred dollar, three-hundred dollar jackpot, five-hundred dollar jackpot, and two-hundred dollar jackpot.

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The largest sum of money in a roulette game ever bet was about $7.2 million (over $6.5 million in today’s money) in September 1998, in Las Vegas.

Is there a good way to understand what roulette means?

We don’t think you’ll understand what roulette means unless you’ve played it. We hope—we know you’ll think you’ll think you’ll think but—that eventually you’ll be impressed by the sheer diversity—the endless variety of games that people have created—over 100 kinds of different games—about six to eight hundred different games at the roulette table. So that should make you want to play, right?

The first thing you need to know about roulette is that it’s much more than just a lot of roulette tables. Most of the time it’s a lot of different games with lots of numbers thrown at them—a lot of things that don’t involve betting. You see, a lot of people think that the game is about betting and winning money. And if they do, it’s almost impossible to understand the game, because it’s so random that you lose even if you win the big jackpot. The important thing to know about roulette is that it is actually a lot of games—a series of different games, each called a roulette game. The games are called “poker” or “keno” (which is kind of like “casino”) if you’re playing in a casino.

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