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There used to be one, but it was shut down because they didn’t like the black people in the casino. They also said it wasn’t a good place for African-Americans. They didn’t like having all these black people in a place that used to be called a casino. (Source: Black Entertainment Television, NBC News, August 2004)

Why don’t black casinos have black entertainment?

African-Americans haven’t been allowed in any black casinos with large black crowds, including a casino in Macon, Georgia. (Source: Fox News, June 27, 2011)

The casino at the end of an endless freeway, that looked just like a normal casino until you came in, is now boarded up, and there’s a sign warning of what is to come.

How about African-American casinos in the south?

The largest and most visible black casino in the southern states is a four-story, $2.8 million resort built by J.D. Power and Associates in the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta, and billed as one of the “most advanced integrated integrated casinos in the world.” The facility is billed as the world’s first Black and Latino integrated casino, featuring the largest Black & Latino roster of the state’s three largest casino districts (Marietta, Tysons Corner, Macon). (Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sept. 16, 2000)

It is one of the highest-profile developments of the ’80s and ’90s, attracting over 1 million dollars in weekly guests and bringing in more than 1 or 2 times that many in recent months. Some of this money is from the state’s casinos, which make an effort to fill tables. (Source: AJC, Sept. 17, 2000)

In fact, the city of Atlanta has a casino, and it is located right here in the downtown area:

The City of Alpharetta, Georgia’s only casino, has taken off in recent years among black and Latino customers in the downtown area, which is home to the Marietta Casino in the city’s northwest suburbs, and the Macon Casino in the city’s southeast. (Source: Alpharetta Daily Herald, Sept. 16, 2000)

I’m not going to say that black casinos don’t serve the black community – they certainly do. But in terms of the level of integration among black gamblers, this is simply not what I would characterize as “integration.”

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