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Is the only hotel that features a swimming pool? A list of the top 100 hotels in the world.

Our hotel lists are updated weekly. If you don’t see the hotel you are looking for on our website, please send us an email. We try to keep this list current!

This website is a business enterprise of the hotel industry. We are not an independent hotel or casino operator or website.

How is the list of the top 100 hotels in the world determined? It is based on several factors:

The estimated sales volume of each individual hotel

The list size

The number of hotels and slots available for daily use daily

The daily revenue of each hotel

How is the list of the top 100 hotels in the world compiled?

The latest list of the top 100 locations is based on the estimated sales total of each hotel and the daily revenue (in USD). Each hotel is first listed on our website, followed by each slot or casino with their total daily sales revenue. The sales totals are then added together to produce a total sales volume and each location’s average daily revenue is obtained.

Are any hotels on the list not located in the US? These hotels are located all around the world and some of them are actually US based (e.g. the MGM Grand). A number of them are American property based and the hotel on this list is not. To make sure you have been served the best available hotels, we do our best to avoid any list which is based on US based sites.

Can I add the Vegas or Las Vegas casino to this site? No. As far as we are aware all casinos are only listed on this websites after a lengthy process.

A week after it was discovered that the government’s database of Americans’ phone records was running afoul of the Constitution, the government has been given another opportunity to make a compelling argument that such records do not belong to Americans—or in this case, should not belong to Americans. This time, it is the Department of Justice.

A federal appeals court on Tuesday unanimously threw out a challenge to the government’s metadata collection program in Hawaii, a decision the ACLU of Hawaii welcomed Tuesday as a victory for transparency and democracy.

A three-judge panel of the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals held that data collection “not only does not have to be targeted at individual Americans’ communications in order to be unconstitutional,” it would also be “so intrusive as to be inimical”

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