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Roulette is believed to be the first coin-operated slot machine and was invented by Thomas Eakins in 1838 for his friend and fellow Pennsylvania-born mathematician Thomas S. Paine. Paine was a staunch advocate of universal suffrage and wanted someone in Pennsylvania to invent an instrument for the voting process that would also work in New England and Scotland, which wouldn’t be as easily accessible to the British Isles. Eakins, who was also a keen gambler, set up a factory for a few weeks to produce roulette wheels, which would be sold to other manufacturers.

Roulette is popular

The first public amusement parlor to play roulette was in Boston in 1855. The earliest known magazine article about using roulette was from The Atlantic Monthly, published in February 1859. The first public trial involved a blind woman who used a machine to determine when she was about to roll the dice. She was able to roll the dice in only a couple of seconds because the machine had a mechanism which made sure the coin landed close to the hole. This was called a “poker face.” In 1869, the U.S. Senate approved a bill to make roulette the first game played in a Congressional session, though the vote was only 3-2 in favor. It was then that the term slot machine became common.

For more, see the Newspaper Archive article, “Roulette, The First Place to Play It.”

How does roulette work?

Roulette is a roulette wheel that is rotated, and the spin of the wheel varies with the speed of the wheel. Roulette wheels are connected by a central “poker face” of roulette balls, or “cocks,” which come up from the bottom and are held by three sliding pins. This face is made up of seven holes, each made by the pin so that the bottom of the hole is connected to the central hole of the pin through a “poker spring.” When the two sides of the wheel are spinning at the same time, a light is created by the two light bulbs in the center of each of the holes, which move in opposite directions if the light is turned on; on the left side of the wheel, when the two light bulbs are lit, the light bounces off the sides and causes the other light on the right side of the wheel to go on and off when the coin rolls, changing direction.

How much does roulette cost

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