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A billionaire from Las Vegas who was born into poverty.

When he was a 19-year-old, the casino mogul spent his first-born daughter and her boyfriend at his parents’ retirement home in a luxury room. When the young men were discovered, the man allegedly beat them to a bloody pulp before fleeing to a nearby bar where he reportedly ordered more whiskey.

That, of course, is the reason the owner of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, Eric “Gang” Mesnard, was found not guilty last month of first-degree murder and armed assault in the Oct. 1 killing of 58 people attending a country music concert.

What about the other people who were murdered?

“There are only three of them and if he didn’t have the gun, he wouldn’t have killed anybody,” said Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo in October, on the day of the verdict. “If you had guns and nothing else, you wouldn’t be in Las Vegas.”

What about the man who was found not guilty of first-degree murder in a 2012 trial?

According to prosecutors, the former hotel maintenance supervisor and ex-convict, Mark Wilsons, was in the middle of a criminal rampage involving a car chase and his use of a samurai sword.

Is there more than one man involved in the massacre?

Yes, there were more people who were not murdered, and the Las Vegas shooter and Mesnard were not the only people involved in the massacre. Two other men are wanted for various crimes that occurred as the chaos unfolded.

One of those was Las Vegas businessman Leonard DiMaggio. The former casino manager and the father of a 6-month-old daughter, DiMaggio was found guilty at his trial of the July 2000 shooting deaths of a nightclub security guard and his girlfriend.

DiMaggio was also accused of killing another woman, Kristine McCamish, during a home invasion in 2003.

The other man accused of murder during the rampage was Stephen Paddock, 64, the alleged gunman’s elder brother, who is also one of many people in the investigation that is looking to establish motive, motive, motive.

So how did a man who had never been in trouble with the law kill so many? By being “an asshole,” according to Michael S. Smith, the assistant U.S. Attorney who was charged with going after Las Vegas hotel boss Eric Mesnard and Mesnard’s

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