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Here’s the formula used for calculating how much wood an average home can be expected to need:

Number of Pieces to Make = Number of Pieces Needed to Make (In-Plane Swap)

For instance, if you’re selling a 10 foot high, 50 foot long log as wood and you only need it to make two logs worth $5 each, then you would need to make 7 pieces.

So, you have seven pieces of wood that you can make a total of. However, each piece of wood takes up one ton of wood. The more you plan to make, the more wood you’ll need.

How to Set Up a Wood Trading Table

What if you don’t have enough wood laying around?

If you have a lot of stuff laying around that you can’t use all of it, you can sell stuff in your house.

Here are some good ideas for home storage so you don’t have to rely on cardboard boxes.

A good idea is to sell a few of your furniture items you really need. This way you won’t have to make any more wood trade offers.

For example, I sell one pair of jeans I need for a wedding ring and one pair of shoes I already don’t wear anymore. I sell all of my old wedding rings here and now. I don’t need more. I have a ton more that go good with my husband, his new job, etc.

These items aren’t worth more than $250 each, but they’re just for fun, so I sell them.

A couple of years ago, I sold a set of the woodworking tools I actually use here at the shop through Ebay. When I sold them I wanted to make as much money as I could by selling them at home. I could not find any sellers who had the same idea.

The easiest way to sell wood at home is to list it at the Wood Trading table. This way if someone does not have it laying around, they can just come see you to trade.

I’ve even found someone who will trade wood if you give them a piece of old furniture or a book they need.

How to Sell Wood at Home

Here’s an outline with some more detailed instructions, if you plan to sell wood at home, or if you sell wood at work. I strongly recommend you read how I sell wood at work and on this post before starting this.


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