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No, I’m not serious. But if I made $75,000 selling my wood shop in Chicago, could I make an extra $9,000 selling my next house or business in New York? That’s the kind of thing I wanted to know! I asked my fellow students on campus to find me a few homes and businesses in the U.S. and Canada that might be worth considering. It turns out that for most, a $75,000 dollar investment is pretty insignificant. In fact, it usually takes more than $75,000 for someone to retire from living in one of these home.

While many students have been interested in a small investment, a large number are still interested in a small return. This is especially true for people who are living at home with their parents, and are not working outside of their career. If you are interested in a small amount of net income over a lengthy period, you might want to consider the following options:

Investing in a business: I personally think investing in a career is a very important component of having a successful financial life and I am always very excited about seeing things coming online, companies I think in the future should be founded on, etc… It’s often a tough decision to choose among a plethora of ideas and products that you might want to invest in, but if you’re just sitting on a handful of these ideas, it’s definitely a good decision! There are many great ways to invest that would be very helpful to many. For example, I was lucky to have a family member who had a few ideas that she thought would make a great investment. If you had invested in her, you probably would have seen tremendous impact. We had a friend who was just starting his own investing company, and he had all these great ideas at one point, but it’s been years since his ideas were picked up, and I would imagine he could not have made the money he has now if he had invested in any of the options listed.

Investing in a small business: Again, I feel lucky that I have done an excellent job at my own startup company, MyFitnessPal. There are many options for businesses to invest in such as starting businesses, renting office space, starting a business in your community, etc… You might consider all of these options, and some of your fellow students had similar ideas as well. If you are currently running a small business, it can be incredibly hard to find someone who will invest in the business. However, there

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