Can you rip wood with a miter saw? – Business Card Holder Woodworking Plans

I’ll tell you what:

You will lose a chunk of skin (if you don’t have a second saw)

You will probably get one of those big “bend” pieces, which are designed for woodcutters. Don’t get them

I would recommend trying using a jigsaw to cut through it. I would have to recommend either

A straight blade or a straight miter saw

To do both work equally important.

Some people are very fond of the saw, while others are a lot more apt to complain about the jigsaw – or the miter saw.

One of the things that is not appreciated is that the saw is made for cutting straight pieces of wood – not a curved piece of wood like the tregs. The saw only cuts straight. No-one likes straight cuts.

Once again, it makes no sense to use a jigsaw to cut a curve like the tregs. The tregs only ever cut a curve.

To see how hard the saw is cutting the curve, try this.

A flat piece of timber is put on your jigsaw, and then laid across the table top. Then you hold the saw at a 45 degree angle and place it on the sharp edges in the wood.

Now, turn the saw so it face up and hit the wood so hard that you can see the entire cut. You will see both what the saw cut and what the wood did. This is how difficult it is to cut a curve.

How long will the flat piece of wood be?

I don’t want to bore you too much so I’ll just say that it’ll be longer than the tregs because it’s going to have a curved top.

The tregs are longer because the head is curved and therefore won’t cut into the timber as soon as you hit the wood.

In contrast, the straight piece of wood will cut into the wood in as little as 30 seconds.

To see what it’s doing, try this.

Hold both pieces of wood with both hands, and move them around in a vertical line – it won’t be exactly the same shape as the tregs. It’ll have a different shape, but it wont be the same shape. It’s the wood’s natural structure that we need to concentrate on.

Then, just before you hit it, swing one hand towards the table top.

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