How do you carve a wood sign by hand?

How do you create a signature that doesn’t look like an old man making a callow gesture on the road?

I’m making a sign to represent a group I have the honor of representing. A group of people who support the same ideas, who agree on a common mission, who have made themselves into a people and who are fighting for your very survival. Our goal is to provide free, quality, non-profit information to the public.” So what does that mean? That we will be distributing free, quality, and non-(profit) information to the public. Free, quality, and non-(profit) information to the public.

I want to emphasize that that does not mean information on the internet, we will not distribute this information in any way online or anywhere else. We are building a bridge that connects the various organizations that I am representing. We want to encourage that.

Your message is so important I just wanted to ask who you are and if you’re going for this for yourself or if you’re coming to this for some other cause.

I am coming for my own cause. I am not here for any cause. I am here to do something for me.

Do you see your influence in making the signs?

My influence in the writing is the same effect as my presence on the street. I have a simple message to tell people and that message is: This is how we get our water, this is how we get our food, this is how to stop the pollution. You see, all of us have to do everything together but what you are not supposed to do.

Our message is a big thing. It’s about bringing people together. We need to create a place to share. We’ve had all these conferences and I wanted to do something to help promote what’s happening on the street. With a sign we can help everyone understand: This is how to get our water, get our food, that’s how to stop the pollution and we need everybody’s help! People feel more comfortable being around people who are out there.

I’m not going to say that I have all the answers but when people go to see me on the street and see the things I’m doing you start to see, you don’t have to be smart or know everything. We need everyone with us! We’re here to work with each other. That’s the message.

What would your signature look like and where would you want to put it?