How much can you make as a woodworker? – Custom Woodworking Business Near Me 54115 Rentals

And how much can you afford to eat?

Many new woodworkers would be foolish to make a commitment of that magnitude. What is required is just being in the right place at the right time. You must be a person who enjoys working with wood, who has a real appreciation of the craft in general and the woodworking process in particular, and who wants to learn about and experience new things in the craft.

There is nothing more intimidating or confusing for new woodworkers than knowing their finances, but don’t worry — I’ve done some research and found a list that will help you, with no additional cost to you:

How to Write a Business Plan You'll Actually Use
The Woodworking Financial Tracker

If you’re just starting out it may be good to look at it first to see what your costs are, and make an educated decision with respect to your goals.

Don’t know how much you make? You also should never start thinking about what you can’t afford. How much you make as a woodworker is just the starting point; you need to learn to use this figure to learn about everything else. If you want to work in furniture making or in any other skilled specialty there are dozens of books that can show you the ins and outs of what you should consider. In any instance of the art, it is the process and the skills employed that will determine the size and value of your earnings.

It’s never too late to get started in woodworking. Take a look at my own guide to learn more.

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Don’t miss out:

There is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the great work being done in the craft from the best instructors in the world and at the highest levels of the industry. Join us October 25th for the next edition.

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