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The simple answer is, “A lot.” When a client sends us photographs of a beautiful piece they’ve just purchased, and we know that we should be able to make it, we make a set of instructions. It’s not that easy, of course — some clients don’t want to pay us to come up with detailed instructions, but we’re willing to cut ourselves off. When we have to do something ourselves, we do it better. We are a team of skilled, educated woodworkers who will learn through our own experience how to do the work correctly, and make it doable and fun for the client. If you’ve never done a woodshop service, or if you have an idea for something else, let us help.

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DARPA wants to build a network of micro-grids, each one powered by a smaller, more energy efficient battery or renewable energy source, where power from different locations could be distributed to serve local needs. The company is working with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy to develop this ambitious plan, where small-scale renewable energy systems could help offset some of the U.S.’s high energy prices.

The Office of Fossil Energy, based in the DOE’s Office of Science, is the single largest department in the DOE. According to its website, the DOE’s “mission is to improve the human and physical sciences through fundamental science through research and development, exploration, demonstration of solutions, and application of those solutions to benefit humanity and the natural world, to improve people’s and the natural world’s quality of life.”

The DOE has been working on this new idea since last year. Last month, DOE submitted an application to the Office of Fossil Energy to work with them to explore new ways of creating energy systems that do not require centralized power. The DOE hopes this will enable greater flexibility in where and how to distribute electricity during high demand times. These proposals will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and final decisions will have to be made by January 2017. There is no doubt in my mind that the DOE sees this as an extremely important project, especially considering the country is facing significant high energy usage.

DARPA is calling the project “Grid-Scale Energy Storage and Interconnection,” or GESI for short. The acronym stands for ‘Gravity Assist Interconnection.’ The idea is to build a grid that can support small-scale renewable power and be interconnected to the grid via micro-grids,

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