How much do custom woodworkers make? – How To Start A Home-Based Woodworking Business

For our customer, the answer is “not much.” However, in that customer, we have to consider a couple things before deciding how and how much to hire.

The company can afford it – You want to hire an experienced woodworker because it is cost effective to employ a woodworker. With custom woodworks, the company can afford it (no matter the project), as long as the business has the financial resources to pay it.

How much do you want to pay? – You are not in a position to know what the cost of hiring an experienced woodworker is in your particular project. However, we do know what the cost for hiring a novice woodworker is so we can advise you. We believe in paying more than what is needed to hire a new worker who can be trusted.

Would you hire someone with an expensive car? – We will never recommend hiring someone with an expensive car so you know it is going to be the right hire.

What are you looking for – In deciding on an expert woodworker, you are looking for qualities that are common to that person while also knowing that person’s personal requirements. We offer the skills you need for your projects and an understanding of the process you wish to do them in to insure you receive the best possible result.

Where do you like to work – We can arrange for you to work on any project you choose. We are willing to work with you on all project to keep your costs under control.

How will you know if we will work? – We will always tell you if we will work on the project based on the level of difficulty, the skill level of the worker and your preference for the project. In a few instances we may not reach a consensus with you on how the project is done but it is something we discuss with you about in writing and will keep you informed of the progress.

When will I hear back? – Sometimes a response takes two weeks but usually it will be soon after that.

If that is not sufficient to satisfy you then call us at our phone number. We are always happy to answer your inquiry.

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