How much money can you make making wood signs?

It is estimated that most wood sign makers can make an average of $25,000 in a year after expenses. Most signs are sold at a retail markup of 20%. The price of an inexpensive hand made sign typically averages over $150. If you sell an attractive sign at wholesale you can pocket $100 a sign (as long as you can find retail for it).

How much is an investment?

Signs have a lasting impact. You will find that while purchasing an original hand made sign you have a lasting appreciation of the craft and the quality of the product. It requires a lot of perseverance to produce these works. Your efforts will pay off in many years. If you are buying a pre-made sign you can expect a profit for at least 2 – 3 years, even if you make only 2 or 3 signs a year and do not work during that time.

Wood signs can be purchased with several different finishes, all of which can enhance and beautify an original sign. Some wood signs feature large, glossy, hand painted patterns. These often sell for the most money for a home interior decorator. The best option for a wood signs manufacturer is a pre-made wood sign with no pattern. The hand made pattern will be difficult to remove from the print and will look more like a hand etched sign.

Some wood signs include hand rubbed, hand painted or hand pressed surfaces. The most common hand rubbed, hand painted, and pressed wood signs are also very costly, especially if they have large variations in color. These types of wood signs cannot be sold at retail for retail prices. They require a great deal of skill to make a quality finish on the sign, and are expensive to repair and remanufacture a sign.

A wood sign does not have to be made with patterns only. Wood signs can have a wood grain appearance and use decorative, patterned pattern paper or fabric, as well as wood grain or a flat, plain textured surface. Wood signs with geometric and ornaments can be made as well, and are a nice way to give an original design that will last for a longer period of time.

Finally, wood signs are most often designed to be used on the wall to decorate an interior space. You can add a wood sign to a regular wall. You can decorate the interior space with a wall display or wall display wall and use a wood sign in a guest suite or other space for privacy.

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