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In the United States, the federal minimum wage ranges from $7.25 hourly to a high of $10 at states that have raised it through legislation. There has been a growing movement for minimum wages to be set to the cost of production rather than to the time people have spent at the job. There has been a debate that whether the minimum is too high or not, given the low number of workers currently on them, is too much of an income dropoff. There have also been a handful of cities, such as San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle that have decided to raise their minimum wages above the federal floor of $7.25 by 2021.

For full year 2016, the average hourly wage, as well as the median hourly wages for construction workers and woodworkers, ranged between $15.25 and $19.90. The average hourly pay for a worker who works 50 hours a week increased from $22 to $24.31 over the same time period.

In order to determine average hourly wages for jobs requiring no apprenticeship and other jobs that have a low number of job openings, we looked at four different areas of the country: New York City, North Carolina, New Jersey and Alabama.

A week after news that two of its top executives had quit over their support for Trump, the National Football League has put together a list of a few new employees.

According to The New York Times, “four current and four former executives have signed onto a memorandum of understanding requiring the league to maintain a “socially responsible and politically neutral” workplace environment.”

“The memorandum of understanding was among the results of a broader internal review of NFL workplace practices in the wake of the controversy over the national anthem protests,” wrote reporters Michael Grynbaum and Andrew Ross Sorkin.

They also report that commissioner Roger Goodell — who has faced criticism for his response to the league’s mishandling of the controversy — has given himself new authority to fire league employees:

Fantasy Baseball Trade Values by Team

You can trade any player in either your fantasy baseball or baseball league. To help you make a proper trade decision and get the best return for your favorite player, we’ve put together this page to help you make a decision.

First, here’s where we go.

Select a team to see its value to your team.

For example, if you are a fantasy baseball user and you want to trade the player in the Red Sox and Rays lineups,

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