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Yes. There is a long record of this from woodworking communities around the world where woodworking facilities do pay their employees and owners a living wage, they produce high quality products and employ a good number of people.

How do you think we can build a better life for the working class?

What we need to do is to rebuild a movement which can not only demand that the rich get their money back, but also to fight for a radical transformation of our economic relationship with the capitalist class.

It is time for political, cultural and economic workers to challenge the capitalist establishment. As Marx wrote:

“Where labour is recognised as the sole need, as the condition of real life, as the true living, then nothing else exists in society but capital, and its exploitation of the labourer, is the cause of our misery. For if, on the contrary, labour is recognised as necessary to real life, that is, as the foundation of the family, the national community and the commonwealth, and on this basis it exists and in whose interests it exists, and this also makes its activity the sole motive in the development of society, if capital was not recognised as the only basis for production, its labour and its products would not exist. The social relationships between men would not exist. The working class would be dead in its tracks, and its real struggle would be a meaningless formality.”

We all know how this turned out in the industrial revolution. We must stop this.

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