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It is an exciting career in many ways. While many people have a hard time getting up off their butts and going to work, woodworkers with experience can take their work anywhere and do it well, even in the middle of the night. You can be anywhere with the right combination of tools/equipment and have the ability to work with the highest skilled and best trained, which can translate into an incredibly rewarding and rewarding career in some cases. Some of my favorite jobs include being an electrician, building, or doing woodworking projects. I also enjoy cooking and playing music, and building furniture.

Woodworking in my opinion is a great way to put your career on hold for a while, and the more you learn and grow from these trades, the more exciting it will be later on. If you are a business person, this career will be useful if you are running an office, or managing a team, since the woodworking profession has the best flexibility in terms of working hours. As a member of a team or company, you will be able to take time off on certain days to work on a project, or even have a day off without penalty. It may also help you when you need help and are in a situation where you need more personal attention with one of your members, since it can be very difficult for woodworkers to focus on their work. Some of my coworkers, I worked with, had been laid off, and we worked together in the same area and the team quickly became so good at what we were doing that it was amazing.

If you want more than just having a hobby or working part time to pay your bills, go into woodworking. If you are interested in joining the industry, you need to think of making a career out of woodworking. If you would like more information, go to the NIAGARA FOUNDATION website at, you may also get in touch with us through the contact form and we will be more than happy to help you.

I would like to thank Laura O’Konigle for answering the call and for interviewing me for this article.

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