Is woodworking hard to learn? – Small Wood Business Ideas

It depends on your goals. If you like making things, yes, woodworking can be hard early on.

If you need to impress a friend, a co-worker, or a judge, you can start at a very easy level and work your way up. A good example of this is that I used to make the best Christmas card I did myself, but that was not the most enjoyable experience.

A challenge that many people have is finding a good foundation for woodworking. For my money, this can be found in a book like my own CNC Book by Dan Burdick or a DVD like a new one from Woodworker Magazine, both of which are worth getting. The best way to find your initial foundation is to go look around and find good books for all ages. I recommend Getting Started with CNC Equipment.

What about starting out on the right foot?

I agree. With any new skill it takes a while to get started and the first day of each new project is the hardest. If you want to learn hand-tooling and take it to the next level, you’ll need to do all the research you can to develop good relationships with your local shop and learn how to shop properly.

To summarize, if you have a passion for making things and want to learn woodworking, you’ll need to do a minimum of 6 hours on a woodworking bench with both a light, slow setting and a heavy, heavy setting. A little bit of practice on paper will do just as well.

Don’t let me discourage you from learning for sure; you can certainly get started in the right direction. Just remember that you have to do it right the first time, don’t worry; you can always get back on track.
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