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When looking for the right thing to sell, make sure there is something that you can do quickly and easy, and that you have a small budget to go with it. Then you won’t really have to try or plan anything out – just go get it.

There are a lot of small items that you could sell on ebay or on Etsy, and most of them work well and are relatively cheap.

We use eBay a lot as a place to sell our jewelry and furniture in general.

There’s a small price drop on ebay every single day that we can be very happy with if we can get some free shipping.

How do you decide what to sell now? Do you sell everything? Or do you look around for products that are already selling well?

We sell most of our product on Etsy, but on a regular basis we also sell more stuff in our homes where we live. It’s what we do!

If we’re going to have an item hanging up in our home, we need to know what it’s all about, and what it will be used for. We look at the price tag to see if it has the best chance at meeting a certain criteria, such as what it’s made of.

In the end we like the product or service we see sell, and how well it is priced, so that’s a big factor for us when trying to decide.

We buy a lot of our furniture from Ikea because as a business we know that people tend to buy from Ikea because it’s affordable. So we buy there when people ask us about it.

In general what are you doing to make a living? What makes making a living for you different from other jobs? A lot of people don’t even consider becoming a chef.

When we started out doing the same sort of thing as we do now, I would say it was pretty easy, and now that we’re running it a bit more efficiently we’d say it’s difficult, but we actually like our jobs.

I would say that to make money at anything in life, it’s best to work for something you enjoy doing and do it for a long time. This usually works, but it usually hasn’t worked for us so far.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

If you want to watch us start to sell in the kitchen, go to our YouTube channel.

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