What are popular crafts to sell? – How To Start A Home-Based Woodworking Business

The main reasons that sellers decide to sell craft are: “I have it on wish lists or if it’s a cool craft for the market” or “I don’t know what else to sell and I think it would be cool.”

Why do buyers show interest in selling your craft?

It depends on the quality of your work to what degree! It can be simple, like you don’t have a skill or know enough or it can be more abstract or you have some unique things going on you know your viewers are going to like. It depends on what your work is, so be careful about using phrases like ‘cool’ or ‘unique’ or ‘cool, unusual’ or ‘pretty’ and don’t take it personally.

How do people find out about your craft?

I usually ask my readers/sales people to help me on our website. That’s our main email: “Hello, my name is Lauren and my craft is ‘diamond hand embroidery with bead’. Is it something you would enjoy selling?” If the answers are “yes,” then I tell them to email me, and we’ll probably start an email conversation, if they do that, that’s great.

Once you got the name of your craft, then you can contact me directly (my Etsy address at http://www.diamondhandembroidery.com), so if you want, I can direct you to something like a page on my Etsy store that you can buy your work from and have it shipped directly to your place.

Are you looking for freelance or client work?

I actually have a client at the moment who is buying a piece I had created in my shop. They found it online in a random listing on an ad site. He doesn’t have a lot of money, but that’s not really the point because I’d have to sell the piece on Etsy or maybe offer something as gifts.

Is there anything you cannot do?

Not at this point. I cannot do anything with my work unless I sell it. I cannot do anything with any of my clients except what’s written on their invitation/contact me page. I can’t do anything with my other jewelry projects because my work already has a place in a specific market.

I have an Etsy page for my work so I can get feedback from my loyal customers. I also have a Facebook page for a few different things I sell on my Etsy page.

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