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First off, you cannot just go to an online classified site and buy an RV. You will only get the cheapest deal. The second question is whether or not you need a trailer. This depends mostly on the style you need and the amount of trailer you need. However, the rule of thumb is that a trailer is like a car – it is not cheap per se. There is a big difference – you do need the best parts to build something you will be happy with.

If you are building a motorhome or a camper, or some type of trailer, the best parts are usually the engine and the electronics.

Engine parts will be in great shape. The main part will need to be rebuilt to run well. The wheels will also need to be replaced when they wear out, but this will usually be covered later. However, if you were to rebuild it, you will be able to change the fuel system.
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Electronics need to be replaced with something that will allow you to control the engine and the electronics, and be able to communicate with the car and the trailer.

You will need to buy an aftermarket or new vehicle control system that will allow you to program the car and the trailer to operate the trailer properly. There are a large number of products available, but I would recommend the following:

If you need to do any sort of repairs on your RV you will also need to buy some equipment to fix the electrical system.

There are lots of products made to solve issues with the roof, engine block, fuel tank, wheels, tires, suspension, brakes, and more, but I would suggest getting some of those to fix your car.

The first step in getting the RV working right is ensuring the fuel and gas tank are clean. That means rinsing them with a tank cleaner, as you do with any vehicle if it needs it. If you have a good tank cleaner and can get it to a trucking company, you will be ahead of most people. If you can’t, you will need to spend about $400 to buy a tank cleaning kit.

You do not want to go too long without using the RV, or your engine is going to slow down. For this reason, it is better to clean your fuel tanks every now and then, which you will then be able to do once a month. The oil filter should also be cleaned, even before you start to use the RV. Also, you should only use oil to

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