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Fashionable designer Anna Sui is the owner of the eponyms “Fruitcakes and Roses”, “Lemon,” and “The Muffin.” At her own store, Sui’s work is a little more than simply a colorful, cute, and quirky assortment of fruitcake (and roses and meringue), with a touch of lemon, all in classic Americana.

This season Sui has added some sweet, floral, and delicate details to the fruitcake collection to appeal to many women. From the simple but stylishly textured cake to her floral flower designs for the cake tray, the new collections make the classic sugary dessert even more inviting than ever, and very refreshing. You’ll find them on the shelves at the Sui store at 1340 South First Street, Dallas, TX, USA for a limited time only.

When the University of Colorado recently held a debate with the group Students for Life (SSL) in support of abortion rights, an unannounced and unwanted interruption erupted from the auditorium. Students for Life was there to give a powerful defense of a woman’s right to choose and the reality of reproductive autonomy for all women, not just those attending the debate. It was an unfortunate and unwelcome interruption to a respectful and informative event. Students for Life wanted to know where they stood in the debate, and students were unwise to take the bait, assuming that if SSL was at the debate, then any of their concerns were valid.

The “unintended” interruption happened on the first day of class, just a few days after the SSL’s annual debate. When the two sides spoke directly to one another, the audience was generally receptive to the students’ points. And because of the timing of the event, this was a good time to let students know that they were in support of the debate and that their presence, along with their participation, was welcome. The event began well. SSL’s speakers — some pro-choice, some pro-life — argued with each other. Students responded with strong words and words of encouragement. And everyone learned a valuable lesson from the confrontation: it takes time to build strong, lasting relationships with people. In many cases, a little humility and consideration is all that it takes to get past the differences that so often appear to divide the nation’s universities.

This is an important lesson, and one that many students never learn. Even as students at these colleges and universities are learning that it is important

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