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As a teacher in New England, I had to deal with a number of children whose fathers would not give their children a good education.

I was once informed that a young man was attending a religious school in Massachusetts where his father would not allow him to go to college.

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I asked the staff member why this was and he told me that it was because my son wasn’t allowed to marry a girl and then had a girlfriend after marrying another girl. There was a “no-fault divorce” clause, and as such, my son’s father and his wife had never divorced.

In my house, if a man was married to a wife, he was considered married to her for the purpose of property division. There was no way that the husband would be granted divorce if their marriage failed. In my state, a “marry out” clause was included that granted the husband an automatic divorce after the wife’s divorce.

As it turned out, my son’s father decided to divorce her in order for him to have a better education for his son.

But the story of mine was not unique. What was most shocking was that these men’s fathers were not allowed custody of their children, nor were they allowed to seek out jobs for their children during school. Many parents are unable to live up to their parents’ standards because they feel helpless in the face of their children’s needs and demands. It’s almost a shame that so many of American’s sons lack the education to have any impact on the future they dream for.

Many young men in the workplace struggle to find the right job opportunity because they don’t feel empowered by the employer in a way that their fathers often were in the past.

My hope is that this blog will put an end to this kind of disparity between the genders in the workplace. I don’t think it should take a father that wants to take care of his child at home to prove himself or take the first job that falls into his lap.

As a teacher you will see a lot of stories of this sort. Parents with young children often fail to understand the need to take care of their children at home as well. They often see that as a barrier that prevents them from getting ahead in the career they hope for. Their mothers could never be expected to take care of their children. If they succeed in the workplace, they will be the

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