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Do you have more skills than I do?

I would consider myself to be a relatively advanced woodworker, though I do have some background in other trades. I have a fairly large collection of tools and other materials, but not a full set of tools (except the one mentioned above) and I do not have any knowledge in the study of woodworking. My primary tool of choice is my hand plane. I use it whenever that is available. I also have the small hand plane I learned from my father, and I’ve even made some tiny bits of wood in it.

I’ve written before about how I don’t have very strong hands. Why do you think that is? I’m not exactly sure why I’m not able to reach all the small surfaces that your hands are capable of doing as part of a regular trade. I think it’s about muscle memory and learning to think more quickly. If I can do more with them, though, I’m sure I can reach all the smaller surfaces.

I read on the internet that you are a woodworker who learned to use the small tools by working with wood. What did you have to look out for in order to learn to use them?

My father was a painter (and still is! He just finished painting the kitchen of a friend’s house I worked in), so I was pretty much raised on the art of woodworking. His small woodworking tools were all about putting things around, not about creating something from scratch.

My Dream Woodworking Workshop (part 5) | Wood and Shop
Can you tell us about your home?

My home is basically a workshop, with a kitchen in the back and a large room upstairs. Mostly, I work in this kitchen. As an architect, I work from this room where I use lots of windows, walls, doors… pretty much everything that I can possibly imagine an architect working with. (This includes my work tables and my shelves!)

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture? I’d really like to see why you choose the couch! Or do you just really like it?

The couch I have worked on most, and for the most part, my favorite piece of furniture has been the couch that I currently have in the living room. I bought it from Goodwill for about $10. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that for such an excellent piece. However, for a while when I lived in the house, I used to watch the old Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes in one of the guest bedrooms, because the

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