What is a good name for a woodworking business? – Custom Woodworking Business Plan

Do you have what it takes to make good wood furniture?

Is it possible to find good woodworking companies that are organized?

Some of the best woodworking companies in the world are in the USA. So is your name the best name you can put out?

The answer is: yes.

If you do not know, you cannot be bad at woodworking.

To begin building a business that can make your name stand out, you are going to need to know your craft. If you have never used a lathe, but would like to try, here are some great information resources.

Let me give you an example of what not to do:

The name of this business is “Axe Factory” It is impossible to find good woodworking companies with name “Axe Factory”.

The name of that woodworking company is “Gillespie -Wood Working”. The business name is too similar to a family name for that.
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The name of the other woodworking company is “Hammer -Woodworking”. What you are going for is not a good trade name.

Look at the name of those other companies. Do the words you choose for your company have something to do with the name that you chose for your woodworking company? Does the name have something to do with the name that the name maker chose? If the names are very similar, then the business name is not right. The name that you choose is what you need to be making your business.

You say the business should be called “Hamm -Wood Working”. Is that the correct spelling? Is this the spelling that the business that you are going to be in, needs? Do any of the other words that you choose mean anything? If so, change them so that you can spell the name that you want.

A name is the first impression you have with potential customers. Don’t ruin it by choosing a name that sounds like something that came out of an encyclopedia. There are too many bad things to choose from.

One of the best ways to think about the name of your woodworking business is like this: Do you want your business to sound like a house, a housewife, or someone who will be working in a house like a housewife?

Don’t sound too old fashioned.

Think of what do you like about the way people think of you, your business, your family, and so on. For instance, if you

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