What is the best wood to make an outdoor sign? – Starting A Wood Furniture Business

I like to use maple from a tree as it is easy to cut into strips and makes a good design and doesn’t require any sawing.

2. You are working on an outdoor sign… the weather is terrible… is there any advice for how you should deal with that? I have used water to spray the design in cold weather but that method doesn’t work very well due to the fact that the oil from the sign will drip onto your car tires. I have tried several solutions.

3. Can you get a sign to look good if it is on asphalt? A sign made of paper with the metal on the outside. If you have an outdoor sign I would like you to try paint it. Paint can take away the shine and you aren’t risking getting car tires on there. If you can’t paint it then try some spray paint, some paint stripper or maybe some wood shavings. My signs are in good condition and I don’t worry that they look bad in the garage like some others do.

4. Can you cut a sign down to the required size and then put it back up as required? For example can you cut a sign out of whiteboard and reassemble it but use the whiteboard backside of the logo?

1. I have noticed that the red circle is getting harder and harder to see and the black circle is almost invisible. Is there anything I am not being told about this issue? I am not sure what is causing my problem but I would like clarification from you. Thanks!

2. Since the red circle is so hard to see, I am looking for better ways to see the sign when it is hanging horizontally. I don’t have the time to go looking for another sign that is bigger or better but just need something to see so when it is hanging horizontally I have a better idea about if it is still legible or not.
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3. The black circle and yellow line are still legible. They are just too small. Do they need to be red circles?

1. For the red circle, you can just add more color (e.g., red for a small, yellow for the medium size and white for the large) but you have to be careful you don’t accidentally go over the red or yellow lines or make any “tricks” of the sign where the red circle appears to disappear. I’ve tried this myself and it doesn’t work for me. I’m not even trying!


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