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A small, quiet town in the far southeastern corners of the world, the world of Eador is a place of mystery and mystery-lovers. It is home to a mysterious man who, as an outcast, wanders about town killing anyone he feels needs killing. This man is called Albedo, and is able to find those who need killing – and for that, he is honored and revered. Despite how he gets along with those he encounters, Albedo does not take what he wants lightly, and always carries an eye for something bigger than himself. He often feels uneasy around others of other cultures, though, for these people seem to seek him out, though.

The setting, of course, is Eador, a place where man, and woman, and a small animal all go about the things they do best.

The Eador Chronicle is a game set in one of our local worlds. The players begin their journey as a man and woman, who seek to gain a few riches for themselves and a few souls to pay to their “soul maker.” They begin looking for a source of the soul of a small animal. This is a strange creature found at the edge of their town, but they will need to find an animal of greater size. For this task, however, the party must rely more on their senses than intuition – the creatures they are searching for may be more deadly then they know…

Eador Chronicle brings you up to speed with a setting that focuses on storytelling, mystery, and the strange and dangerous creatures that fill our local worlds. Explore the world of Eador with The Eador Chronicle Card Game, a game with a rich story and great replayability.

What will this Kickstarter provide?

First, you will get The Eador Chronicle Card Game on both its own gameboard and a printed rulebook. This is an exciting step for anyone who wants to check out the world of Eador. Second, you will receive your own copy of the Chronicle Card Game along with the free PDF for your own collection.

The Chronicle Cards are a unique set of 7 unique cards, all used with our game mechanics to build your very own stories at your own pace. Each

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