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Should I get the black box, or the camera?

I think the black box is the one. I don’t think I need the camera because the video of the plane hitting the tower doesn’t change too much. It has a clear sound, though. The video is interesting but it doesn’t change too much.

What was your favorite part of shooting the plane?

It was good to see people trying to get out of the plane, but the main thing was just the sound that the passengers heard. It didn’t have a lot to it. But the best thing was that they saw the plane crash! It was so nice!

If someone is really interested in the facts of the plane crash, you can check out the video from Flight 77 above:

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For months, the government’s refusal to release documents that would reveal more about the controversial intelligence gathering program has frustrated Congress and the public. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISC, has consistently denied several judicial orders to unseal documents.

Now one judge has said the U.S. government may not keep its requests secret.

Judge John Bates of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled on Monday that the government “has failed, on balance, to demonstrate that the public interest in revealing the FISC’s rules and procedures is more compelling than the public interest in withholding the records.” He added that the government must release an explanation for why it will use the National Security Letters, or NSLs, in the future.

The letters allow the government and U.S. service providers to secretly get data about suspected terrorist and other criminal investigations. In the past, the government has said it will destroy data collected through these programs — or release the information “as soon as the government determines that it no longer needs the data.” The government often claims that NSLs are legal because they are not authorized by Congress.

In a report to the FISC, the U.S. attorney for Northern Virginia said that his office had used more than a dozen NSLs to obtain the information.

The judge said a more thorough explanation of how NSLs are justified and why the government will use them is necessary for the public to understand when it has a right to know about the program.

“This determination would not require reams of legal memos and would not

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