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What can you call that? There are lots of ideas about how fast you can sell stuff, but I’m going to put a specific time of day on how fast you can sell. When a person is going from idea to purchase in the order of 100 seconds to sell, that’s a sale. How long does it take you to sell 100 items at a specific time? 100 items? That doesn’t seem like a great time to sell, does it? Well, not anymore. The first time you can sell an item on a game that uses the Instant Sell system, it’s going to sell within 3 minutes on average. And when you know how to do all the little extra things, things that really make your product stand out from the crowd, then this is the real time that you can get your message out there.

You’re still going to have the time to do a lot that’s hard to sell and that you can’t do on the phone, but when it comes to making a good product, you’ll have the time to do it right, in the right order, so that your product makes its best impression.

What about a website that runs on one of our systems? What might that look like?

That’s the idea. Our own website doesn’t require any technology at all to make any sales (for the time being at least), but our own Instant Sell system does require some technology. The instant sale system requires the use of a website so that you can make the right sales call every time you make a sale. Our system runs in the background of your computer. When you do a direct buy, all it takes is a click or two from you to make sure that the page loads quickly and the information goes into the user’s order book. It then works by tracking what items are in the user’s order box and automatically sending those items to the buyer on the phone when they make the sale. The user also sees a screen with what’s in the user’s order box, which they can sort through and see the items they’ve got. They can make their own product selection from that.

So we’ve made a web-based model for selling on Amazon. How are you selling, though? What’s your best sale time?

I want to start off by saying what I’m not offering here. Let me be very clear about that. There are different ways to sell on Amazon. There are many ways that you can sell your products. And Amazon has made it very clear

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